Welcome to the Team A Project Page of the Master of Robotics Systems Development (MRSD) program.

We call ourselves “The Avengers.”

Our team is working on Project Pegasus — delivering packages by Unmanned Arierial Vehicles (UAVs). 

With a surge in e-commerce logistics, more efficient package delivery mechanisms are required to deliver more packages in less time at a smaller cost. A hybrid-vehicle autonomous delivery system which uses both Autonomous Ground Vehicles and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles can be time efficient while maintaining the cost for delivery. The major problem with delivering packages using UAVs is robustly navigating to the correct house and dropping the package at an accessible drop zone (like the front door), without harming humans or damaging property.

The project aims to solve the problem of efficiently navigating to a house and robustly detecting and landing at the drop zone, while avoiding obstacles. The UAV shall be able to take off and land at any visually marked platform, enabling it to be used in conjunction with ground vehicles for hybrid delivery systems.

Looking for something?

  • You can learn more about our team of engineers: Adam, Pratik, Sean, and Tushar.
  • We’ve put a detailed description of our project, its systems, and subcomponents on the Systems Engineering page.
  • The MRSD teaches formal project management. You can view the Project Management page for details of the project and its progress.
  • Reports, presentations, and other items we’ve produced are listed on the Documents page.
  • Finally, we’ve been documenting our build as work progresses. You can see our work on the Media page.

Team A would like to thank BirdsEyeView Aerobotics for their generous support. They’ve gone out of their way to provide us two of their FireFLY6 platforms (which they refer to as aerobots“) and are always ready to respond to our technical questions. Without their generosity, Project Pegasus would be more limited in scope and performance.