System Implementation

Subsystems Breakdown

Our subsystems and WBS align, so we are using the WBS to track our component subsystems.  Figure 1 is our Fall Subsystem tracking and Figure 2 is our Spring Subsystem tracking.  Colors represent progress at time of update with green = finished, yellow = underway and red = yet to be developed.

WBS4level (3)

Figure 1 – Work Breakdown Structure – Fall


Figure 2 – Work Breakdown Structure – Spring

In addition, in our project management section we will document how we use a hybrid System Subsystem Design Description and Interface Design Description to track our subsystem progress by capability, activity, and data flow.

Our project is broken into four major components: the three subsystems of the Dock, Quadcopter, and Palantir (the predictive system that is being integrated with the dock) along with our overall Project Management aspect and the communication that is shared between the three technical subsystems.  Below those are the necessary activities and capabilities that support each component.  Red items are not started, yellow are in progress, and green are either completely finished or have a process in place to refine and continue without needing significant input of effort to do so.   Many resources are shared between capabilities within each subsystem, so progress in one part of the subsystem often means progress in another.

The first two subsystems contain elements of the other two, so have their own pages breaking out their components and the parts of the Palantir and Communication that they are responsible for.  By using a hierarchical system model, we track each level from operational mission down through capability, function, activities that support the function, and physical design to make these activities occur, along with the data that flows between each activity/subsystem.



Docking Platform