November 17, 2017


The GroundsBot team likes to think about the future. Sometimes thinking about the future ends in a trade study. Here is a trade study we conducted early on in our design process to select a camera for GroundsBot, which we used to initially select a Zed stereo camera.

ManufacturerPart NumberDescriptionRangeShutterResolutionCostFrame RateCommunicationField of ViewPower ConsumptionROS Support?NotesURL  
Point GreyBBX3-13S2C-38Bumble bee 3global1.3MP350016Firewire
Point GreyBB2-03S2C-25Bumble bee 2global0.3MP189548FirewireYes
RobotshopRB-Fpv-01Blackbird 2??179?NTSC902 W
ZedZED Stereo Camera0.5 - 20mf2208 x 124244915USB 396 H, 56 VYes
e-conTara5-30mglobal(2*752) x 48024960USB 3 / 2Monochrome
duo-3dduo-miniglobal45 FPS @ 752x48059545USB1702.5W
IntelR200Realsense.6-3.5m640x48010960USB?59H, 46V1.6WYesVideos of it working outside, I have my doubts though
IntelZR300Realsense.5->3.5m indoor "longer range outdoors"global628x46828960USB 3.059H, 46V1.9Yeslol
IFMO3D303Efector.3-8m176x132131225Ethernet60x4510WYesCan do cloudy days well, sunny days accuracy decreases
Carnegie RoboticsS7Multisense.4-apparently infinity2048x1088 @ 7.5 fps or 1024x544 @ 30fpsquote needed...7.5-30Ethernet80H 45V7WYesAlso has s7s version which looks cheaper
NerianSP1Does not say640x480quote needed...15-40USB2.oVariable4Yes