November 19, 2022

Project Management

Schedule for Spring 2023

Round-Robin List of Presenters for PRs

Following is the division of presenter duties for our PRs this Spring Semester 2023:

PR#0 – Sensors and Motor Control Lab – Shivam

PR#1 – Shaolin

PR#2 – Praveen

PR#3 – Atharva

PR#4 – Abhinav

PR#5 – SVD

PR#6 – SVD

Spring Test Plan

Parts list

You can check out our parts list here

Issue Tracker and Decision Logs

You can check how we log our issues and track them here.

Risk Management

You can check the risks we identified, how we planned to mitigate them, and their status here.


The tool we use for Project Management is Notion. Here are some examples of how we make use of the tool: