Column Robotics

Column Robotics


Welcome to the project page for MRSD Team C 2015. This site summarizes the progress made during the Carnegie Mellon University Masters in Robotic Systems Development (MRSD) Project Course.

Expect updates on the progress of our team’s system design, implementation, and testing. 


Job Bedford

Cole Gulino

Rohan Thakker

Erik Sjoberg

autonomous exploration and docking


Intervention at underseas oil and gas infrastructure is incredibly expensive, requiring specialized ROV teams and vessels. This cost is so high that routine inspection and maintenance simply isn’t done, increasing the risk of disaster.

We are developing a solution for autonomously locating and docking at underseas wellheads, with initial prototypes leveraging an aerial platform to simulate the aquatic environment.

With degraded vision and communications, we will maneuver autonomously to search for and identify a specified piece of wellhead infrastructure, avoid obstacles, and rigidly dock in order to enable subsequent intervention at dramatically lower cost.