Meet the Team

Our team consists of six graduate students from Carnegie Mellon’s Masters of Robotics Systems Development program working on the Amazon Picking Challenge as our capstone project. We partnered with CMU’s Search Based Planning Lab to integrate advanced perception and planning algorithms into our system.


20476 copyAbhishek Bhatia
Abhishek is primarily interested in developing embedded solutions for real world scenarios. He likes to cover the breadth of different technologies and envisions himself to be an end-to-end product developer. Prior to joining Robotics Institute at CMU, he has worked in the domain of unmanned ground vehicles, medical device development, and 3 years as an ASIC Designer at Nvidia. In his free time he likes to sit idle and rethink "the purpose of life".
Alex BrinkmanAlex Brinkman
After designing transmissions with Caterpillar Inc. for the last 3 years, Alex is driven to make the intelligent machines of the future. Hoping to improve the public perception that robots are slow and incapable, Alex will focus on developing autonomous capabilities and grasping methods for the CMU Amazon Picking Team.
dheen_mohamed_ismail_feroze_naina_mohamed_2015Feroze Naina

Feroze Naina will focus on systems integration and designing the software architecture for robot platforms. He will also be working on motion planning of the robot arm. Feroze had previously worked on projects in medical instrumentation and has contributed to open source software.
walajapet_mohan_lekha_2015Lekha Mohan
Lekha's interest lies in Robot Perception and Planning. She'll be working on computer vision for the amazon picking challenge! Safe Human Robot Interaction and augmented quality of life through robotics is her vision for the future.
shanor_rick_2015Rick Shanor
Rick's passion lies in developing cutting edge, practical mechatronic technology. Previous experience ranges from space exploration to interactive robotics to medical devices. When he is not busy building cool technology, he enjoys basketball, fishing, and scuba diving. Rick will focus on mechanism design and control for the Amazon Picking Challenge.