Project Management

2016 Milestone Schedule

The milestone schedule served as an invaluable tool during the Fall 2015 semester to keep our team on track and focused. Great care was taken to define and agree upon the milestone schedule for the 2016 Spring semester.


2016 Progress Review Schedule

A progress review schedule identifies technical deliverables leading up to the Spring Validation Experiment. In addition, you can see the test plan details in the following doc: Spring Test Plan


Work Breakdown

The Work Breakdown Structure is broken down by subsystem. The figure below shows a graphical depiction of the Work Breakdown Structure. Tasks in green show tasks that have been completed. Tasks in yellow are ongoing and red tasks indicate tasks that have yet to be started.


Issues Log

Our issue log, highlighting the issues we hope to fix before competition, can be found on google drive.

Parts List

Our spending has been comprised mainly of suction system components. Future expenses include raw materials for UR5 mount and other miscellaneous expenses related to building the competition shelf and procuring the items out of the dictionary.


Risk Management

The risk management chart highlights the major technical risks team HARP mitigated during the spring semester. Our biggest technical risks, #1 and #3, related to the perception system. Through lots of hard work and software development, these were mitigated. Gripper design was another major risk, since we did not know the item dictionary until about two months ago. Luckily, no major changes occurred between this year and last.