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Virtual reality. Immersive Worlds. Real-world physics. We bridge the gap.

Consumer virtual reality technology is advancing by leaps and bounds. However, efforts have been primarily focused on viewing the virtual world. To be truly immersed, people must be free to explore and interact with the environment unfettered. Unfortunately, the products that are available for home use are noticeably limited in sensation and reachable space, while those that can offer immersion are necessarily restricted to commercial spaces due to size and cost. Our team of CMU Robotics students are leveraging our expertise in areas including system design, control theory, perception and planning, and biomechanics to solve this problem. By allowing people to walk indefinitely in a virtual world from the confines of their living room, and integrating this technology with the state of the art in visual feedback and hand controls, our system will provide a truly unparalleled immersive experience from the comfort of your own home.


Red Pill / Blue Pill


Koushik brings his experience in mobile robots and mechanical design and analysis from his undergraduate at the National Institute of Technology Karnataka. He is interested in learning modern control approaches, biomechanics and machine learning and apply them to create a smart world.


Control, Project Manager
Brad brings 4 years of experience in autonomous submarines at Cornell, 8 years of flight control systems experience at Honeywell, and 3 years of exoskeleton design at Factor Mechatronics. He is interested in gaining controls, biomechanics, and perception knowledge, and applying it to multidisciplinary projects.


Having worked on a muscle-impulse controlled robotic arm and bio-signal detection systems, Aditya’s interests primarily lie in prosthetics, bio-robotics, and controls. He is interested in developing his skills in biomechanics, perception, and control, and in their applications in versatile areas.


A former software engineer at Cisco with an electronics background, Saurabh has striven to keep his experience in technologies as broad as possible. His interests are Reinforcement Learning, Perception and Sensing. He also aims on being an impactful ROS contributor.


A mechanical engineer with experience in sensing, actuation, and control, Sanjay has a keen interest in the mechatronics design of mobile robots. He wants to build his knowledge in planning, localisation, mapping, and vision, to be able to conceive and develop autonomous robots.