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Parts List

PartBrandModelDescriptionQuantityUnit PriceTotal Price
MicrocontrollerArduinoArduino MegaThis would be mainly used for motor control2$11$22
Kinect Microsoft360Team member’s personal Kinect. Used for room scale sensing.1$40$40
Test ChassisCardiffCruiser SkatesFor initial proof of concept experiments1$129$129
IMUCH RoboticsUM7One of the integral sensors in user intent prediction and foot position and velocity estimation2$164.95$329
MotorT-MotorMT2814Wheel actuator in the Fall prototype5$61.90$309.50
Motor controllerGraupner33735Used to achieve speed control of the motors554.99274.95
Resistive Force SensorTE Connectivity Measurement SpecialtiesFX1901Primary sensor to detect user weight distribution and predict intent230.7661.52
WheelBanebotsT81P-295BBDriven wheel on the powered skates5$3.50$17.50
Wheel HubBanebotsT81H-RS81Hub for the driven wheel5$4.50$22.50
GearboxBanebotsAM-287616:1 planetary gear reduction to achieve desired torque-rpm4$56.60$226.40
BearingMcMasterBearing to support the drive shaft5$17.02$85.10
Optical EncoderUS DigitalE4TUsed as feedback for speed control4$24.81$99.24
4-Pin MicroconnectorUS DigitalCA-MIC4-SH-NCCables for the optical encoder4$7.30$29.20
Ball TransferMcMaster2415T21Ball casters used as support wheels14$6.03$84.42
Threaded Insert (#4-40)McMaster92395A1123 packs of 50$11$33
Screws and washersMcMaster92196A1101 pack of 100$5.50$5.50
DC converterDigikey811-2361-NDDC/DC CONVERTER 5V 10A ISOLATED3$31.97$95.91
Shielded bearingsAmazonKit297Bearings1 pack of 10$31.55$31.55
Protective gear setAmazonB01E8GFNH6Knee pads, elbow pads and wrist guards1$23.28$23.28
Dell LaptopDellInspiron-15-756716 GB memory, 128 GB SSD+ 1TB HDD1$100$100
XBOX 360 Kinect MicrosoftB005GA1H4CUsed for skeletal tracking1$30$30
Kinect CordMicrosoftB01M9CEKMITo connect the kinect to a power source1$11$11
Button load cellRobotshopRB-Phi-122To use as force sensor2$45$90
Unterminated shielded cableUSdigitalCA-MIC4-SH-NC-2Wires for encoders6$7.30$43.80
Vesc-X motor controllerEnertionVESC-XReplacement for old motor controllers5$116.38$581.90
Hand ControllerOculusRift TouchHand controllers1$99$99
HMD SensorOculusRift Sensor1$59$59
Head-Mounted DisplayOculusRift CV1Used to demonstrate our virtual world1FREEFREE
VR-ready PCAmazonCybertron Palladium 1070X1FREEFREE
DVI to DVI cableAmazonB00IHMFK441$9.99$9.99
Safety harness3M Protecta PRO098-1191209Used to provide fall protection to the user1$75.86$75.86
Heavy duty Tow strapsNeiko51005AUsed to attach the harness to a bar1$16.42$16.42
Wireless USB WIFI adapterAnewkodi600mbps wifi adapter1$18.99$18.99