System Requirements

Performance Requirements


M.P. 1 - The system will gather relevant data from soybean plants at least 50 cm tall
The data gathered should be useful in terms of resolution, overlap, and coverage

Minimum Object Distance: 200mm from minimum object distance
Pixel Density: > 1mm/px at far distance
Vertical Overlap: > 10%
Vertical Coverage: > 50cm

M.P. 2 - The system will gather data for at least 30 min per charge
Battery Life: > 30 min

M.P. 3 - The system will localize itself with respect to the seeming lines with an error of at most 5 cm
Error: < 5cm

M.P. 4 - The system will estimate the number of pods with an error rate of at most 10%
Error Rate: < 10% per meter (with respect to images, not ground truth)


D.P. 1 - The system will navigate by itself along a plot at a speed of at least 0.25m/s for at least 2m
Frame Rate: > 10 fps
Horizontal Overlap: > 80%
Vehicle Speed: > 0.25m/s

D.P. 2 -The system will estimate the dimensions of the pods with an error rate of at most 20% per grain
Error: < 20% per grain (e.g. for 3 grains, < 3mm in diameter and < 1cm in length)

D.P. 3 - The system will estimate the number of pods per grain with an error rate of at most 1/2 grain per pod
Error: < 1/2 grain per pod
Mandatory and Desirable Performance Requirements

Non Functional Requirements


M.N. 1 - The system will be transportable with a pick-up truck or trailer
Volume: < 1.5mx1.5mx1.5m
Loading into Truck: Lift or Ramp

M.N. 2 - The system will be maneuvered by at most two operators
Free Movement in the Field: Yes
Mobility: <= 2 persons
Operations: 1 person

M.N. 3 - The system will fit in soybean plots
Row Spacing: = 52cm
Plant Height: <= 1.2m
Plant Spread: <= 20cm

M.N. 4 - The system will work in a level field in daylight
Considerations: Lighting, Vibrations, Dirt


D.N. 1 - The system will follow the guidelines of the MRSD program
Budget: < $5,000
Timeline: FVE (December 1st) and SVE (May 1st)

D.N. 2 - The system will enable future development for the sponsor
Considerations: Communication and Documentation
Mandatory and Desirable Non-functional Requirements