Tushar Chugh

Software Developer: Path Planning
Tushar worked as a Software Developer at Microsoft where in his last stint he was driving the Internet of Things initiative at Microsoft, India. An electronics and communication engineer, Tushar is a maker by heart and loves envisioning and creating technologies.

Shiyu Dong

Software Developer, Perception & Finance Manager
Having experience in intelligent racing car implementation and quadcopter design and control, Shiyu developed his interest in field robots and autonomous vehicles. Shiyu received his B.S degree in Measuring and Control Technology and Instrumentation in Tianjin University, with a background in mechatronics and control systems.

Bikramjot Hanzra

Software Developer, Perception
Bikram completed his undergraduate studies from PEC University of Technology, India. His interests are Autonomous Robotics, Computer Vision and Machine Learning. His research paper Automatic cameraman for dynamic video acquisition of football match won the best paper award at 2013 IEEE ICIIP Conference.

Tae-Hyung Kim

Software Developer, Simulation
Kim is a military veteran who before joining CMU worked in Samsung for 5 years. Kim is interested in Probabilistic Robotics and its application to Autonomous Vehicles. In his free time, Kim likes to do yoga and is also an instructor in the cathedral.

William Seto

Software Developer, Perception & Field Test Manager
William did his undergrad in Electrical Engineering at UCLA. In his free time, William enjoys watching sports and playing ping pong.