Project Reports

Conceptual Design Review
Critical Design Review Report
Fall Test Plan
Final Project Report

Project Presentations

Progress Design Review
Critical Design Review
Systems Development Review
Standards and Regulations

Project Poster

Final Poster

Progress Reviews

Progress Review 113th February 2019Heethesh Vhavle
Progress Review 220th February 2019Apoorv Singh
Progress Review 306th March 2019Prateek Parmeshwar
Progress Review 427th March 2019Shubham Patil
Progress Review 510th April 2019Karmesh Yadav
Spring Validation Demonstration24th April 2019Team
Spring Validation Demonstration (Encore)1st May 2019Team
Progress Review 712th Sept 2019Heethesh Vhavle
Progress Review 826th Sept 2019Apoorv Singh
Progress Review 910th Oct 2019Shubham Patil
Progress Review 1024th Oct 2019Prateek Parmeshwar
Progress Review 117th Nov 2019Karmesh Yadav
Progress Review 1219th Nov 2019Heethesh Vhavle

Individual Lab Reports

Prateek ParmeshwarShubham Suresh PatilApoorv SinghHeethesh VhavleKarmesh Yadav
ILR 01ILR 01ILR 01ILR 01ILR 01
ILR 02ILR 02ILR 02ILR 02ILR 02
ILR 03ILR 03ILR 03ILR 03ILR 03
ILR 04ILR 04ILR 04ILR 04ILR 04
ILR 05ILR 05ILR 05ILR 05ILR 05
ILR 06ILR 06ILR 06ILR 06ILR 06
ILR 07ILR 07ILR 07ILR 07ILR 07
ILR 08ILR 08ILR 08ILR 08ILR 08
ILR 09ILR 09ILR 09ILR 09ILR 09
ILR 10ILR 10ILR 10ILR 10ILR 10
ILR 11ILR 11ILR 11ILR 11ILR 11


Drawings, Schematics, and Datasheets

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