Risk Updates

Below are the updated risks:

N Requirement Risk and Description Risk Reduction Plan / Mitigation Results L C Type
1 M.P.13 System Does not Work in Real-Time

A certain subsystem(s)

 creates bottlenecks

1. Find techniques to perform memory management for each algorithm

2. Use high performance processors (We bought an high-end system and received NVIDIA Titan V)

5 5 Technical
2 M.P.2, M.P.3, M.P.4 GPU Memory Management

There is a GPU memory

limitation to 12GB

1. Optimize perception pipeline, keeping in mind GPU memory limitations from beginning

2. Plan on installing a second GPU on the system

5 4 Technical / Resources
3 Team Members Work at Different Pace

This might create delays in integration

1. Meet twice a week to ensure no one is lagging behind their goals

2. Track progress on Notion

3. Communicate / resolve issues on Slack

5 3 Schedule
4 M.P.12 – M.P.14 Interfacing Sensor with RC car

ROS integration of sensors and driver availability for ARM architecture

1. Found FlyCapture ARM drivers and interfaced PointGrey camera successfully

2. Built Ti mmWave RADAR drivers and ROS packages from source for ARM architecture

4 4 Technical / Resources
5 M.P.12 – M.P.14 Hardware Failure or Damage

Critical hardware components such as sensors fail or get damaged

1. Plan the budget to accommodate repairs

2. Already have backup components, additional camera and RADAR sensors

3. Ordered a secondary RC car

3 5 Technical / Cost
6 M.P.12 – M.P.14 Perception pipeline doesn’t work online on RC car

RC car’s compute is not enough to run the perception algorithms

1. We ordered new on-board GPU for RC car to process perception and sensor fusion pipeline in real-time. 5 4 Technical 
M.P.06 – M.P.10 Error propagation further in pipeline

Perception pipeline adds uncertainty in sensor fusion and prediction pipeline

1.We designed our requirements carefully to compensate for the margin of error for every pipeline. 2 4 Technical 
8 Overambitious Requirements – We are unable to meet our original requirements
  1. Revisit the requirements every week and plan work accordingly
  2. Use off-the-shelf algorithms 
3 4 Schedule/Technical