System Summary


Home robots available in the industry today are heavily influenced by academic research. A vast amount of research is aimed at developing specialized algorithms for various kinds of robots. However, researchers face challenges with implementing these specialized algorithms on different platforms for example increased implementation time. Hence, building a hardware agnostic software (HA) stack that is capable of working on different platforms with minimal changes is essential.

Use Cases

  • Product for Researchers¬†
    • Assists researchers working on indoor robotics to easily test their algorithms on different mobile platforms

What does hardware agnostic mean?

Typically, robot software stacks contain various modules for robot operation and most of these modules are heavily dependent on hardware. Meaning a single module/software stack cannot work on different hardware without making any changes. A hardware agnostic software stack will deploy on different platforms irrespective of the hardware constraints. In the image shown above, there are three different robots: 2 wheeled and 1 legged. A single software stack with two different algorithms, should work across all three platforms with minimal changes.