Rolanda Huston

Rolanda is a student in the MRSD program at Carnegie Mellon University, with a background in Mechanical Engineering. She has work experience in the automation (FANUC), automobile/applications (Ford Motor Company), and petroleum industry (Marathon Petroleum). Rolanda has a passion for advancing current state of the art technology in the robotics field.

Kshitij Kabeer

Kshitij is currently a graduate student in the MRSD program at CMU. He is mainly interested in the areas of control, planning, and SLAM. He developed software for aerial robots (particularly quadrotors) during his undergraduate years, working in the fields of computer vision, planning, and localization. He has also briefly worked on the control and planning of ground robots. He loves seeing his engineering solutions and code come to life in the form of working robots. Other than robotics, he also enjoys gaming and cooking.

Madhu Korada

Madhu is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Robotics with a focus on technical and business skills at Carnegie Mellon University. Previously He worked as a Research Engineer at The Hi-tech Robotic Systemz in the field of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), AI, and Robotics. He had worked on various on-road logistics solutions such as Forward Collision Warning Systems (FCW), Driver State Monitoring (DSM), and on intralogistics solutions such as Mobile Robots. He is very keen on application-driven research, and fusing fundamental research into solving real-world problems has been his biggest motivation.

Harshad Zade

Harshad is highly motivated in the field of robotics and wants to use robotics to make an impact in the real world. He is currently pursuing his Master of Science (M.S.) in Robotic Systems Development (MRSD) from CMU. In his robotics endeavors so far, he has developed a multitude of novel and robust robotic platforms. He co-founded a startup during the COVID-19 pandemic where they built robots to deliver food and medicines to COVID-affected patients to minimize the exposure of the frontline workers. Along with systems engineering, he is also interested in estimation and controls. Outside of work, Harshad is a sports enthusiast and loves adventure. On weekends he goes running and biking, plans hikes, road trips, and organizes board game sessions, and surprises people with his delicious recipes!