Issues Log

Issue No.Date FoundDate FixedChange Made ByOriginDescriptionResolutionsArtifact Changed
102/14/2302/20/23Madhu KoradaExternal DeviceWiFi adapter not connecting to any deviceFurther troubleshooting is necessary
202/05/2303/20/23Harshad ZadeSystem PlatformPotentially broken port to realsense cameraFurther troubleshooting is necessaryHardware
302/06/2302/07/23Harshad ZadeSystem PlatformDelay in Legged Platform procurementShifted focus to wheeled platform and continued progressHardware
502/24/2303/10/23Madhu KoradaSoftwareKimera VIO not workingSegfaults or stops working after some time on the Euroc DatasetSoftware
603/24/23Harshad ZadeSoftwareNot able to generate map from PLY fileSoftware