System Requirements

Functional Requirements

MandatoryRequirementPerformance Metric
M.F.R.1Receive Commands from the user100%
M.F.R.2Simultaneously Map and Localize the EnvironmentRelative pose error(T) <= 15cm
Relative pose error(R) <= 10 deg
M.F.R.3Achieve hardware agnostic navigation to the goal pointAvoid 90% Collisions
Reaches the goal 85% of the time
1 Wheeled Robot, 1 Legged Robot
1 more Wheeled Robot (desirable)

DesiredRequirementsPerformance Metric
D.F.R.1Detect the object of interestmAP-60%
D.F.R.2Manipulate the object of interestAble to manipulate the object of interest with 50% accuracy
D.F.R.3Find the position of the camera and LiDAR automaticallyAble to find the positions of the sensors within an error range of 5cm translation wise and 5 degree rotation wise.

Non-Functional Requirements

MandatoryRequirementsPerformance Metric
M.N.F.R.1Software should not compromise the mobility of the platformPath for both the Robots should be smooth
Time taken for hardware agnostic path generation should be less than 5 seconds
Determine object negotiability with 80% accuracy
M.N.F.R.2Software should be extensibleGHAR will run on platforms that have enough compute to run ROS.
M.N.F.R.3Clean and Well Documented CodeFollows ROS Style Guide
M.N.F.R.4Real time visualization of the working of the navigation stackShow global path, optimized global path, local path, current pose of the robot

DesiredRequirementPerformance Metric
D.N.F.R.1Software should be extensible to other mobility platformsBiped, Hexapods, etc.