Risk Management

Risk No.DescriptionTypeLCSeverity
1If any or all of the modules in the software stack become constrained to one platform, then the software stack won’t be hardware agnostic.Technical25Medium
2There might be some difficulty or delay in getting access to testing space, for performing hardware testsTechnical and Schedule13Low
3Some or all the sensors might malfunction or stop working.Technical12Low
4A team member might be temporarily unavailable due to being unwell, personal emergencies, etc.Schedule24Medium
5There may be unforeseen difficulties in developing a novel system like this, and hence may require more time to complete. The team may get hung up in implementation, testing, etc. The team may not have the required skills or experience for parts of the project, because of which they may need extra time to learn the required skills.Schedule23Low
6Delay in procuring the legged robot potentially caused by overlapping schedules from the supplying lab (AI Common Sense)Schedule24Medium