Spring Schedule

Figure 1. Spring Schedule
Feb 9[Progress Review 0] Presenter: Kelvin Shen
– Complete autonomy architecture setup in ROS and Gazebo simulator
– Set up leader Zamboni and follower Zamboni in Gazebo 
– Equip follower with sensors
– Control the follower Zamboni with keyboard teleoperation
Feb 16[Progress Review 1] Presenter: Yilin Cai
– Leader Zamboni detection in simulation and pose estimation
– Follower Zamboni pose estimation using sensor fusion in the software
– Steering controller based on pure pursuit on Simulink
Mar 2[Progress Review 2] Presenter: Rathin Shah
– Integration of the controller with the complete simulation
– Validation of RGB-D camera on hardware
– Leader’s velocity estimation
– IMU sensor validation on hardware
Mar 23[Progress Review 3] Presenter: Jiayi Qiu
– Waypoint generation for follower’s path generation in ROS
– Follower’s path generation and motion planning
Apr 6[Progress Review 4] Presenter: Nick Carcione
– Integration of all software subsystems for Leader – Follower Autonomous Convoy
– Deployment of vehicle controller on controller hardware and integration with Jetson 
Apr 20[Spring Validation Demonstration]
– Demonstrate full system capability on Simulation
– Demonstrate sensing, leader detection and follower pose estimation subsystems on the platform
Table 1. Spring Milestones

Fall Schedule

Figure 2. Fall Schedule
Sep 15[Progress Review 7] Presenter: Nick Carcione
• Revisit and rework performance requirements
• Tap Zamboni accelerator pedal encoder and send commands through it
• Initial design of drive-by-wire system complete
• Familiarization with ATV test platform complete
• Autonomy stack review completed and areas of improvement identified
Sep 29[Progress Review 8] Presenter: Yilin Cai
• Drive-by-wire system updates
• Perception unit testing on ATV
• Longitudinal controller modification
• Localization unit testing on ATV
Oct 13[Progress Review 9] Presenter: Kelvin Shen
• Camera LiDAR mounting and calibration on ATV
• Perception improvements using tracking
• Pure pursuit testing on ATV
Oct 27[Progress Review 10] Presenter: Jiayi Qiu
• Follower can successfully avoid obstacles in a desirable manner
Nov 10[Progress Review 11] Presenter: Rathin Shah
• Integration of manual controls and safety overrides
Nov 21[Fall Validation Demonstration]
• System has been fully integrated
• Testing and validation on the full system has begun
Table 2. Fall Milestones