System Requirements

Functional Requirements

R.F.01The system shall have DBW system to control the Zamboni
R.F.02The system shall estimate pose and velocity of the
R.F.03The system shall follow the leader
R.F.04The system shall estimate pose, velocity, and
acceleration of the follower
R.F.05The system shall plan motion of the follower
R.F.06The system shall detect and avoid obstacles
Table 1. Mandatory Functional Requirements

D.P.01The Zamboni will be able to follow a trajectory with a lateral error of at most 5 cm
D.P.02The Zamboni will localize itself in the arena to within 2 cm
D.P.03The Zamboni will maintain a minimum distance of 5 cm from the boards
D.P.04The Zamboni will control the height of the blade to an accuracy of 1 mm
D.P.05The Zamboni will resurface the turn the resurfacing water on and off with a latency of less than 50 m
Table 2. Desired Functional Requirements

Performance Requirements

R.P.01The system will operate DBW system to steer, accelerate, and break the Zamboni with less than 50 ms latency
R.P.02The system will control the
Zamboni running at a max velocity of 2.5 m/s
R.P.03The system will estimate the
position of the leader within 0.1 m accuracy
R.P.04The system will estimate the velocity of the leader to an
accuracy of 0.2 m/s
R.P.05The system will maintain a safe distance from the leader of 2 to 2.5 m
R.P.06The system will maintain an lateral offset with the leader by one body width
R.P.07The system will estimate the yaw rate of the follower within 1 deg/sec of accuracy
R.P.08The system will retrieve the velocity of the follower to an accuracy of 0.1 m/s
R.P.09The system will retrieve the acceleration of the follower to an accuracy of 0.1 m/s2
R.P.10The system will retrieve the position of the follower within 0.1 m accuracy
R.P.11The system will plan motion of the follower within 100 ms
R.P.12The system will detect obstacles within a range of 2 m
R.P.13The system will detect positions of obstacles to an accuracy of 0.1 m
R.P.14The system will stop the follower within 0.6 s once detecting the obstacles with max deceleration of 1 m/s2 and velocity of 2.25 m/s
Table 3. Mandatory Performance Requirements

Non-Functional Requirements

N.F.01The system will have reasonably sized and placed sensors (so that driver sight-line is not blocked when manually driven)
N.F.02The system will have both hardware and software safety measures
N.F.03The system will be able to be shut down at any time
N.F.04The system will be retrofit with modular components
N.F.05The system will be able to function in colder temperatures
Table 4. Mandatory Non-Functional Requirements

D.N.01The Zamboni will cover the entirety of the rink
D.N.02The system will be reliable and accurate in ice resurfacing
Table 5. Desired Non-Functional Requirements